Carrier is the second solo exhibition of Gao Lei after The Principle (2011) at WHITESPACE BEIJING, featuring his latest paintings and installations.

The transformation of objects and materials is what Gao Lei made for ridding the normal elements in his works of the guidance of usual practice, showing a state of alienation and subversion, which motivates viewers to reflect and estimate the disposition and divergence between awareness of selves and essence of things. In the recent works, he focuses on exploring the extensibility of individual energy as well the evolution of matter, and combining them to invade and adjust the relationship between the self-interior and the social system.

All the selected and transformed objects and materials have their own energies with a certain quantity. The energies cannot be released from reality environment are transferred and saved into the artworks with codification as the names. Their distribution and composition in different ways create various energy fields to intermix with the awareness of viewers, which is the way to use space, matter, energy and consciousness to get another self-constitution. This creation of energy transforming balances virtually the subjective extension against the objective system.

Born in Hunan in 1980, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2006,Gao Lei currently lives and works in Beijing.