We are pleased to present Li Liao’s second solo exhibition “Art is Vacuum”, will be opened on March 5, 2016. This will be the first time the “Art is Vacuum” project will be showcased in its entirety.

Li Liao is always on the lookout in life for ways to manifest the potential of his art practice. The starting point of the “Art is Vacuum” project is a domestic dispute in which the artist and his father-in-law got embroiled during the summer of 2013. After consciously contradicting his own habits by actively engaging in this quarrel, the artist decided to come up with a counter-intuitive dramatic script to be carried out throughout his further life. Following the raising of the curtain on the Rockbund Art Museum’s “Hugo Boss Nominees Group Exhibition” in 2010, this exhibition will now showcase the “Art is Vacuum” performance art project (three years in the making) in its entirety.

Li Liao (b. 1982, Honghu, Hubei Province, China) received his BFA in Oil Painting at Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in 2005. Recent exhibitions include “Hack Space”, K11 Art Foundation Pop-up Space, Hong Kong, China (2016); “What About the Art? Contemporary Art from China “, Qatar Museums Gallery Al Riwaq, Doha, Qatar(2016); “Habits and customs of ____ are so different from ours that we visit them with the same sentiment that we visit exhibitions”, Kadist Art Foundation Paris, Paris, France(2016); “3rd Ural Industrial biennial of contemporary art “, Ekaterinburg, Russia(2015); “Surround Audience “, New Museum, New York, USA(2015). Li Liao currently lives and works in Shenzhen, China.