“Do a Book” is a group exhibition at White Space Beijing in Caochangdi, devoted to exploring the medium of artist books and text-based art works. Curated by George Chang and Katherine Don, “Do A Book” provides a unique opportunity to reconnect with an important tradition of creative expression explored by a diverse group of artists both in China and abroad. The exhibition is on view February 18 – March 18, 2012 and includes art works by Tom Bell, Lukas Birk, George Chang, Rutherford Chang, Chen Longbin, Ain Cocke, Guo Hongwei, Hong Hao, Huang Min, Ravikumar Kashi, Kong Guoqiao, Warren Leung, Liu Ren, Ma Jun, OUT, Qing Qing, Kiki Smith, Sarah Sze, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Tsang Kinwah, Heimo Wallner, Wang Chao, Terry Winters & Ben Marcus, and Xu Bing

The purpose of “Do a Book” is to create a dialogue about the tradition of the artist book and the genre of the book medium. Although not absent from current practice, the book is an art form deeply rooted in traditional artistic practice yet is a medium widely unexplored by contemporary artists in China. An artist book does not refer to a publication used to augment an exhibition, rather it is an object produced as an art work itself, often as a unique or limited edition. Book art embraces the form of conventional books and publishing practices creating platform for artistic creation related to drawing, painting, photography, writing, editing, printing, binding, distribution and exhibition all bound in a single object. Through a variety of media and processes, the artists’ objects presented in this exhibition highlight the varied interpretations of the book: as a vessel for information or narrative, as an abstract form that transcends function, or as a medium referring to a book’s social role. The juxtaposition of these works created by artists of different backgrounds and from cities around the world provides a starting point for exploring the relationship between text and imagery, and in a broader sense, the role of the book in the arts.