The Domus Collection presents a new ideal driven by a personal passion for art acquisition during a period of international change. Focusing on both Eastern and Western artists, the private collection presents seminal artworks to advance a new vision for critical contemporary benchmarks.

With its first annual exhibition of works by Anish Kapoor, Ding Yi, Aya Takano, Fang Lijun, Barnaby Furnas, Damien Hirst, Liu Xiaodong, Shi Xinning, Yang Shaobin, and Zhang Xiaogang, key examples have been selected from the artists’ overall body of work to acknowledge and promote cross-cultural exchange.

The Domus vision looks to build a unique repository of emerging and established contemporary artists to raise new questions about art internationally. By presenting ongoing exhibitions, the collection will continue to explore contemporary trends and practices, and offer new models for engagement. Domus has instituted a program to work in collaboration with institutions globally to ensure the collection’s continued commitment to education and advocacy of the arts.

Founded in 1997 by an Asian-American collector residing both in New York and Beijing, Domus, meaning ‘home’, welcomes a public view into a personal and private collection, in essence inviting one into their home. The Domus Collection will continue to maintain an ongoing global outlook on new acquisitions of both emerging and established artists.

WHITE SPACE BEIJING + ALEXANDER OCHS GALLERIES BERLIN | BEIJING is pleased to announce the launch of the new location of WHITE SPACE BEIJING with the first exhibition of the Domus Collection.

Alexander Ochs began exhibiting the work of Chinese artists in Europe in 1992 and went on to found his own gallery in 1997. The gallery is dedicated to East Asian contemporary art currently located in Berlin, Mitte. WHITE SPACE BEIJING was founded by Alexander Ochs in February 2004 which had previously been located in the 798 Art District with partner Tian Yuan, WHITE SPACE BEIJING. This partnership had lead Alexander Ochs to becoming the first European gallery in Beijing.

For the last five years, WHITE SPACE BEIJING has been presenting solo exhibitions of the works by Chinese artists Chi Peng, Fang Lijun, Miao Xiaochun and Yang Shaobin. The exhibition of European classics such as Franz Gertsch, Jörg Immendorff, Hermann Nitsch, and A.R. Penck have been presented in the 798 Art District.

In collaboration with ALEXANDER OCHS GALLERIES BERLIN | BEIJING, WHITE SPACE BEIJING the galleries have now moved to Caochangdi Art District. The new space is designed by Lea Chen and Yang Zi from Shishang Architecture. With the opening of both galleries in one location WHITE SPACE BEIJING and ALEXANDER OCHS GLALLERIES BERLIN | BEIJING have join efforts to launch this new 10,000 square foot gallery space. The gallery’s expansive outdoor lawn area provided a unique space for larges scale sculptures and/or installations.