Intentionally avoiding setting an explicit title for this exhibition, the artist He Xiangyu chooses to make his individual “image” a viewing object, and shifts himself from being a narrator to one of the viewers. He throws his materialization of the external world back to it, and makes the so-called “artwork” stop being some kind of personalized discrimination, while becoming some incident to run through those unpredictable, inevitable and different existential structures due to different time, space and people.

To He Xiangyu as an artist, this exhibition continuously shows his passion for exploring the symbolic world and his efficiency and ability to go back to the phenomenal world. While to He Xiangyu as an individual, this exhibition is also a deliberate retrospect to himself. Just like the implication of the miniature silicone sculpture (My Fantasy) he made according to his shape, he was trying to extract a structural other from viewing another self.

He Xiangyu was born in Dandong, Liaoning Province in 1986, currently lives and works in Beijing.