“Man on the Chairs”, a piece of recent work of young artist He Xiangyu, goes on his multiple attitudes and judgments to the “object” in his famous work “The Coca Cola Project” – there is not only the emphasis on life experience, but also the insight into social system, and the evaluation of the power of language after the form of the “object” changes. In this new piece, the ancient round wood aqueduct abandoned by Yunnan mountaineers is dismantled and reassembled into more than one hundred chairs by the artist, and these “everyday” objects which symbolize time and tradition will occupy the entire exhibition space. The artist will create a supernatural poetic space in the exhibition hall based on them, and there will be a dancer performing contextual body language on the chairs. At the meanwhile, the viewers, being personally on the scene, can step into the exhibition space and walk among the chairs and experience the highness of nature, the realization of life and the absurdity of the act, and further find out the current view in the work “Man on the Chairs” and its attention and introspection into “the state of being” beyond time and space.
He Xiangyu was born in Dandong, Liaoning Province in 1986, and graduated from Shenyang Normal University in 2008. He lives and works in Beijing presently. His recent exhibitions include MAXIMALISM in Frick Art Museum of University of Pittsburgh