We are honored to announce the opening of Gao Lei solo show, THE PRINCIPLE at the WHITE SPACE BEIJING on September 3rd, 2011, showcasing his new installations and paintings.
By creating mixed media artworks integrated with paintings, photography and installation, Gao Lei continues to approach the subjects about how individual mode of thinking characterized and external environment of society shaped by the power system, and the consideration and construction of many issues like Non-anthropocentrism and so on. He sets the ready-mades away from their daily properties in various ways to be concatenation with painting, photography and installation, and then audiences will watch the artworks by being thrown into passivity to complete his show, and the wildness in his artworks is constrained and isolated by the way of enclosing to develop into violence. As Gao Lei told: People like watching the animals being domesticated in circus, and also enjoy the artworks in an open and cultivated way, but I prefer setting up a cage between my work and the viewer.

Gao Lei’s work tells the differences and association of same original concept expressed through the diversity of time and media. This differences and association constitutes a special syntax which reveals the attempt of keeping the visible social reality and the invisible world system destructed and undermined multiply.