“Lovers and artists are challenged by the same faults of human beings. The way artists look at matters familiar to them could prove enlightening as we reignite the esteem and tenderness we possess for our partners.” ——Alain de Botton

We are honoured to announce that group exhibitoin titled “I love you too” will launch on the evening of December 21 at Gaotai Gallery.

In Art as Therapy, British author and philosopher Alain de Botton conveyed that one of the purposes of art is enabling us to love and cherish all the small things in life, including rivers, sky, roads, and stones. More importantly, we learn to understand how to love others through this process. Inspired by de Botton’s perspective, we reflect on ‘the ability to love’ through the lenses of art as a form of therapy.

In this exhibition of various forms of affection, art stimulates our admiration for certain traits. Coca Dai Jianyong brings our attention to truly comprehending those closest to us, and Tian Lin finds enjoyment from banal, everyday routines. Chiaozza offers opportunities for strangers, whilst Lin Weijie and Najmidin discuss and document new senses of intimacy. Liu Shiyuan and DONIS prompt love’s boundaries across cultures, eras, and political systems. Liu Chengrui encourages us to slow down in endearment and devotion. The Ghost Inside the Flat created by Karman calls for the desperate need for intimacy during this pandemic, and aaajiao bridges the distance between how we experience. attachment in the virtual world with reality. Attentiveness, curiosity, patience, perseverance, sensual pleasure, reason and opinion, lust, endurance, and courage, these are the elements presented by the artists that could prove indispensable to the growth of affection.