Ouyang Chun was born in 1974 in Beijing, the political, cultural, and economic center of China. He moved to Xi’an with his family and received an art education there. Ouyang now lives and works in Beijing. Deploying a variety of painterly techniques, Ouyang Chun’s works narrate episodes from the world he lives or he sees. Fascinated by truth and the sometimes-cruel absurdity that accompanies it, Ouyang Chun draws his primary inspiration from the contradictions and incongruities of contemporary China. Truth and fiction, the pursuit of spiritual purity mirrored in minute detail in his paintings, have rendered expressive through his brushes with his instinct and sentiment. The psychological depth of his painting language comes to full expression when the fascination in the paintings becomes certain metaphors drawing from his own experience and the social context. His paintings feature his understanding of his artistic language and his quest for a formulation adequate to himself.