We are delighted to announce the opening of Liu Xinyi’s third solo exhibition at White Space Beijing, “Hundred Thousand Miles Away” will open on June 11, 4pm, and presenting his most recent works of installation and sculptures. For this exhibition, Liu Xinyi surveyed news and information that are theoretically interactive, especially social commentaries concerning “foreign” information. With the dialectical cues of “circulation” and “boundary”, the artist explores a path of knowledge built in his circumvention between personal experiences and knowledge background. The exhibition will continue until July 31st.

When the appearance of the matter tries to depart from its essence, the vocabulary for its expression is often the first to encounter obstacles. The dispersed contexts cause the meanings to skew, like the Chinese adage, “They are hundred thousand miles away from each other”. It is also due to our helplessness towards language that forces us to be suspend the ontological meaning of the objects we are familiar with, by which opens up their sensory boundaries. If we take a closer look at the “hundred thousand miles away”, we may also discover a layered site. It can be both the distance between two concepts, or the concept of distance between two points. The difference in concepts overlaps with the concept of distance, like the mutual entanglement underneath one’s linguistic instinct. Moreover, certain advertisement lingo and icons undergo semantic translations in the course of its dissemination without changing its appearance that transform through their differences. On this account, we have to make the best out of relating drastically different objects in our general knowledge, or find an opportunity to abolish preconception.

Liu Xinyi (b.1982, Hangzhou, China), received his BA in sculpture at the China Academy of Arts in 2007, and MFA degree at Goldsmiths College in London in 2010, currently living and working in Beijing. His recent exhibitions include “Hybriding Earth-Discussing Multitude”, Busan Biennale, Busan(2016); “Scenarios of Time: Inter-Subjectivity”, Fourth Art-Sanya, Sanya, China(2015); “Expanded Senses”, B3 Biennial of Moving Image at the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany(2015); “Chaoyang Qunzhong”, A307 Space, Beijing, China(2015).