Nine Journeys Through Time. Alcantara and Art in the Apartment of the Prince is an exhibition
promoted and produced by the Municipality of Milan – Culture, Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace) and
Alcantara, conceived especially for the rooms of the Apartment of the Prince, and open to the public free of charge from Thursday 5 April to Sunday 13 May 2018.

Curated by Davide Quadrio and Massimo Torrigiani, the exhibition is the third episode in a cycle of shows, which since 2016 explore the surprising qualities of Alcantara® as a material for artistic creation, transforming the spaces of the Apartment of the Prince into gateways onto the ‘elsewhere’ realms of art.

“An object, a face, a light and even a material: anything may be a source of inspiration for an artist” states the Councillor for Culture Filippo Del Corno. “For the third time, the visitor will be amazed to see how and just how differently the stylistic approach and the imagination of each artist manage to channel their creativity and talent, despite all setting off from the same ‘starting blocks’. The Alcantara exhibition portrays this very challenge, and again this year, it will welcome the public of the Milanese Art Week in the chambers of the Apartment of the Prince of Palazzo Reale.”

With this new project, the Company that produces and markets Alcantara® throughout the world
continues its original research and development activities, opening up once again to both established and emerging artists from various fields of contemporary creativity, inviting them to get to grips with original, complex and unique works of art.