Artist:Chen Baoyang, Cheng Xinhao, Gao Jie, Guo Xi, Li Ran, Liu Yujia, Liu Xinyi, Wang Tuo, Zhang Yue, Zheng Yuan

How Art Museum is pleased to announce HOW NOW:The Life App, the forth- coming exhibition at How Art Museum that will be on view from January 19, 2019
through April 19, 2019.

This is an exhibition about new forms of art production, addressing the re- acceptance of art under ever-changing conditions. We believe that artists have more power and roles other than providing visual spectacles for photography and videography. Many artists dive deep into the areas that are ignored by the public, in order to explore the spiritual space of human beings as a whole. They do not just work for the completion of finished and closed “artwork” in object forms. As records of their work, they keep texts, sketches, photographs, videos, ready-mades, lines of code, etc. These materials represent plans, researches, analysis, inferences, and predictions, as well as spiritual and affective events. What the viewers can perceive and receive are the artists’ efforts, which stretch into a broader space and longer time. From the perspective of the production of art, this counts as a new form of art creation that not only provides sensual experience and attitudes, but also new methodologies and principles. Artists as product developers, they apply artistic traits and concepts to their work and life. The audience as users, because of the extensibility and forward-looking nature of the artworks, they are enabled to take the artists’ works as life applications.

The exhibition brings together recent works by 10 artists, with topics ranging from the construction of virtual worlds to the discussion of beliefs, and the reflection on the boundaries of power. As the reenactment and fabrication of situations, these works always expect careful listening and deep immersion on the viewer’s side. Employing artworks as entries, the artists are leading perpetual departures, moving beyond the boundaries of everyday experience, to reach the redefined space and time. The subjects or “characters” created by various visual techniques show their desire to merge with the viewers, to jointly experience the evidence of the existence and the material and spiritual transformation. It is in this sense that the art medium is applied in every individual’s life. With the opening of “application”, the soul and the body will see their resurgence.

HOW NOW is an exhibition series reopened in January 2019 launched by HOW Art Museum featuring young Chinese artists.